Advertising Submission Guidelines

Standard Display Creative

Please ensure assets are provided at least 4 business days prior to campaign start date in order to allow for QA, trafficking, approval & the flagging of any errors or missing assets

All Other Creative

Please ensure all other non-standard assets are provided at least 7 business days before campaign start date to allow for ample build time, testing & approval

3rd Party Ad Serving Guidelines & Creative Acceptance

  • 3rd party redirects must be live and running when submitted, to enable testing before campaign start date.
  • If you wish to use another vendor not listed here, please contact us as soon as possible to arrange testing/certification. Please provide detailed publisher trafficking instructions. Vendors who do not provide the ability for carsguide to track clicks through GAM will not be certified.
  • carsguide reserves the right to remove or request the removal/revision of any creative that is deemed unsuitable for the users of our sites. carsguide may at its discretion refuse to publish any advertisement without giving any reason.  In case of refusal, no charge to the advertiser shall be incurred.
  • carsguide reserves the right to remove any creative that does not meet our specifications, breaches any of these guidelines or adversely affects the rendering of our site, other ad placements or user experience.
  • The setting of 3rd or 4th party cookies on carsguide sites for re-targeting or any other user tracking purposes is not permitted without prior approval from carsguide. Creatives featuring unauthorised connections to external servers for the purposes of user tracking will be removed from rotation. Creatives can be returned to rotation once unauthorised connections have been removed.


*Any delays in providing creative may impact the scheduled campaign start time and/or campaign delivery